Monday, October 9, 2017

Super Cool Stacked Ceramic Sculptures

Thanks to Shinichi Sawada, Haida artists, Egyptian canopic jar carvers, African face jug potters, and various African mask artists, the 4th graders have amazing inspiration for their stacking ceramic sculptures. Sketches and measurements have been made, structural challenges are being discussed and brainstormed, and the hollow, textured, highly detailed clay sculptures are underway.

The textured segments of the ceramic sculptures have made it through the bisque firing and are now ready to be glazed and put through the final firing process! (There is definite excitement in the air!) Some pieces are stacking according to plan and others are being reconfigured. Color palettes are being planned, glazing techniques are being reviewed, and gallery labels will be created. Within two weeks all the pieces should be fired and ready for display in cases throughout the lower school.

Marvelous Monoprints!

Creatures – imagined and real – of the Chesapeake Bay are underway in 2nd Grade, and soon the bayscapes of the hall will be filled the ink and colored pencil works inspired by the Inuit artists of Cape Dorset.  The process includes creating multiple sketches, choosing one or two for final prints, inking a printing plate with a brayer, tracing the original drawing on top of a blank paper, pulling the print, making a ghost print, and choosing what colors and media to use to complete the image. As students finish the regional creatures they've chosen to depict in these truly inventive, detailed drawings and hand colored monoprints, they've also been drawing their own framed spirit animals in a combination of white charcoal, colored pencil and crayon on black construction paper.

Composing Environments

  Invention and reuse are the names of the game in 3rd Grade art. After viewing works by Michelle Stitzlein, Kandinsky and Miro, students used recycled papers, oil pastel, crayon, paint watercolor, glue, water, and marker ink to design their own papers and collaged creatures. Their fanciful and realistic works are currently floating, walking and crawling through the painted mural backgrounds along their hallway.


Third grade artists are also all about perspective, both as a drawing device, and as a changing lens through which to view our world. With pencils, drawing boards, and paper in hand, they chose spots in the LS garden and looked at the spaces from the point of view of an insect, bird, or other creature. Upon completing their drawings, they added crayon contour lines, rubbed textures on the open spaces, and are now painting contrasting colors over the wax resist to create vibrant landscapes.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sculpture Everywhere!

Second Graders create recycled poster board and tissue paper puppets 
with at least on moving part... and a selected talent!

Third Graders design "robots" that make the world a better place! 
(They also use recycled poster board and tissue paper.)

Fourth Graders learn about 3D sculpting processes and techniques 
from visiting artists Rita MacNelly and Beezy Bogan, and create
 aluminum wired beast sculptures based on their continuous line drawings.

Sketching and Scratching: Symbolic Self Portrait Scratchboard Still Lifes

For these compositions, 4th Graders first compiled lists and symbols of who they were, who they are and who they might become. Then they viewed works by surrealist painter René Magritte and, based on their lists, sketched a symbolic self portrait in the form of a realistic or surreal still life. Once the sketch was complete, they used a graphite transfer technique to shift the drawing to a scratchboard. Using pens with metal nibs, they removed the ink coating from the surface of the boards to reveal silver paper and their completed images.

Art Walk UNITEs Us!

 JK - 12th Grade artists light up the halls in April and May with amazing compositions!