Monday, February 13, 2017

Collagraphs or Collages? Or Both?

Collages and collagraphs are filling the studio this month. Students began with sketches of all sorts of landscapes and seascapes and turned them into 9x12” collaged printing plates loaded with textures. Soon they’ll be experimenting with papers and inks to create collagraphs, and the printing plates will turn into finished collages with oil pastel details added to them once the printing is complete.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Visiting Artist update from May 2016!

In May of 2016, Collegiate Lower Schoolers were led through a fabric design process by visiting artist Dawn Flores, director of The Forest Project. Utilizing natural materials rescued from a soon-to-be-cleared urban forest, the students arranged, painted, printed, drew, made rubbings and wrote poetry to record and appreciate the forest as it was. 

Ms. Flores manipulated repeat pattern and color and uploaded the designs into the Spoonflower website, where fabrics, wallpaper and giftwrap are printed on demand with eco-friendly dyes. She also constructed a beautiful quilt, now hanging in the Lower School library! The fabrics she used and over 100 other designs created by Collegiate students are available at

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Second Grade Mix Masters Work with Realism and Abstraction

   Realistic Portraits with abstract backgrounds and realistically colored flowers of exaggerated size have been on the minds and fingertips of these artists for weeks.

Georgia O’Keefe claimed that she “decided to stop time and paint [that] flower on a huge scale—then you could not ignore its beauty.” As part of second graders’ extensive state study, these students have been growing their drawings until they spill off the page. Attending to composition, the artists have sensitively portrayed the detailed shapes and distinct coloring of their researched flower while choosing background colors that highlight their flowers.

Self-portraits are coming to life in 2nd grade art too. Students are studying realistic facial proportion and creating realistic hues by blending colors as they observe themselves in mirrors. Once the portrait busts are complete, the artists - inspired by Jasper Johns' 'Savarin' series and hatching pattern paintings -  are adding abstract geometric patterns and designs with vibrant color schemes to the backgrounds.

Magical Masks Fill Lower School Halls!

The 4th grade sculptors have rocked out fantastical masks inspired by creatures living in the countries included in their unit on American immigration and in their folktales studies. From start to finish the process included: drawing a creature in frontal and profile view, naming the animals and their countries of origin that the various parts of the creature were inspired by, assigning their folktale creature at least three magical powers, building the base with scrap papers and tape, coating the base with paris craft plaster gauze to form the mask, removing the paper sub-structure, and adding the final details of the mask with glue, tempera, feathers and yarn. The delightful masks with gallery labels describing the magical powers of each creature are now on view throughout the Lower School.


Beccy Feather Visits the Lower School!

Visiting Artist Beccy Feather and her fascinating flameworking demonstrations inspired 2nd - 4th grade students to begin work on their own stained glass designs and dream vessels. 
After choosing a focal point and drawing it on diffusion paper in graphite, 2nd and 3rd grade students then added contour lines to imitate lead lines, and layered wax, ink and watercolor to simulate drapery and cathedral glass. The finished “windows” are on display throughout the lower school. 
Lower School dream vessels were created using low fire clay and glazes. 4th graders designed their forms using their choice of blocks, slabs and coils after creating a series of drawings, 3rd grade concentrated on adding coils and a spirit creature to pinch pot bases to create organic forms, and 2nd graders turned pinch pots into spirit animal lidded vessels.  
Ms. Feather’s borosilicate dream vessels are currently on view in the center case by the lower school sandbox in Hunter Hall.